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Did you know not all orthodontic cases require an orthodontist?
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While most people are aware that the majority of extraction's don't require an Oral Surgeon, many aren't aware that not all orthodontic cases require an Orthodontist. When a case is complex, a specialist should be seen, but not all cases are complex. Less complex cases can require less time and therefore will be less expensive. Many insurance policies cover a percentage of the cost (even clear braces such as Invisalign).

While there are many cases that require an orthodontist, there are also many cases that can be performed by a general dentist that has had orthodontic training. A patient will typically see savings when having the work done by a non-specialist.

If you are interested in braces or orthodontic services, and are unsure as to whether or not you need to see a specialist, Dr. Van Cleve can provide a free consultation letting you know whether your situation can be addressed at our office, or if you need a referral to see an orthodontist.

If you choose to get your orthodontic services done through our office, we can setup an affordable payment plan, allowing you to pay for your orthodontic services over the course of treatment.

Dr. Van Cleve received his orthodontic training in 2002. He has been doing orthodontics for over 15 years, saving his patients thousands of dollars while giving them the smile they always wanted. He does traditional wire and bracket braces, as well as invisible braces, like Invisalign or Clear Correct.