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Dental Bridge

A dental bridge "bridges the gap"

Dental bridges get their name from their function, they are literally a bridge for your teeth. They “bridge the gap” left by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. The teeth on either side of that gap are the anchors for the bridge. An artificial tooth/teeth is attached to the middle of the bridge and fills the space where the empty tooth area is.

Bridges can vary depending on how many teeth are missing, where they are located in the mouth, and the type of bridge used. Bridges, like any dental replacement, have pros and cons, risks and benefits.

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Dental Bridges consist of 2 components

  • Anchor Crowns

    The anchor crowns are two or more dental crowns that are cemented to the teeth adjacent to the toothless gap to support the bridgework restoration. The two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth. A traditional bridge is supported by natural teeth. Anchor crowns hold the bridge in place and provide support for the artificial teeth. If we imagine that a dental bridge is a bridge over a big river, the anchor crowns along with the abutment teeth are the pillars.

  • Artificial Teeth / Pontics
    The pontic is the part of the bridge that replaces the missing teeth. For that reason, it is also called an artificial tooth. The artificial teeth are placed between the anchor crowns and basically replace the missing tooth or teeth. Most of the times, the pontic is placed between the abutment teeth and is permanently joined to the anchor crowns. Depending on the clinical situation and the number of missing teeth, a dental bridge can have one or more pontics.