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We cater to patients, not insurance companies.
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Have you ever wondered why pricing is different for patients that have insurance vs those that don't?

When a provider signs up for an insurance plan, typically the insurer dictates pricing the office must adhere to when providing service. As a patient, if you don't have insurance, typically you don't receive the discounts insured patients do. Many believe the discount is attributed to the insurance company paying the difference to the provider. Sometimes this can be the case, but often it is not. Often the provider has agreed with the insurer to lower their fee. In return, the insurance company adds the doctor to their list of "In Network" providers. This is a great way for doctors to get new patients, even if they do have to bill at a discount.

Why can't the doctor give the uninsured patients the same discount?

The insurer typically has an agreement with the doctor, where the doctor is required to discount their usual and customary fee. They cannot drop that fee for non-insured patients, or it would cease to be a usual and customary fee. In order to adhere to contracts made with the insurance companies, many offices must keep their fees for the uninsured higher.

How does that affect the patients that do not have insurance?

Non-insured patients typically are billed at higher fees than patients that have insurance. We want to even the playing field for uninsured patients. We offer everyday low fees, and additional discounts for payment same day of service to all patients.